Melody Hansley, mother, woman of faith, author, and grief coach.

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After battling depression from cumulative losses in her life and having had to face other life challenging obstacles, Melody made the decision to take her power back and rediscover the person she had lost. She found herself again and she now coaches other women from her own experience and knowledge, to take steps towards profound transformation. Melody works as an Empowerment Coach at a Women’s Domestic Violence Shelter, helping women on their path to reshaping themselves after being broken. Melody takes her clients on a journey, helping them to approach life with conviction and become more confident in their endeavor's, with her own story helps to connect with and inspire her clients on a whole new level. Women walk away owning their own voice, power and purpose.

Melody works with her clients to help them gain clarity and confidence with her proven formula. She teaches writing workshops and hosts an annual women’s retreat allowing women to become their best self through support and self-care activities. Melody believes that it’s all in the mindset and anything is possible if one believes.

Melody Hansley is best selling co-author to “20 Beautiful Women”, self-published author to “You are MORE 30 Day Devotional”, Co-facilitator of Healgrief.org, Founder of M.O.R.E (Mothers Overcoming Real-life Experiences) and a woman of faith and mother of three. Melody has devoted over 20 years of her life helping women to accentuate their external beauty and gain satisfaction about who they are. Today, she continues to help women regain hopefulness, grow courage and rediscover their confidence after loss of self-esteem, relationships, and loved ones.

As a Certified Grief Empowerment Coach, Melody desires to assist women as they navigate from grief to GRATITUDE and transform from feeling confined to blossoming with CONFIDENCE.

Here'sMy Story...

     I remember suffering during my last pregnancy and delivering a micro-preemie that would have to spend three months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Talking about a totally scary moment. I was unprepared, alone, and did I mention, AFRAID? I had to jump up after having a c-section, pull myself together mentally to do what I had to do. I had two children at home needing me and a precious 1 lb. baby that needed me more.

     My mind was racing but through faith, journaling and group support, baby and I came through just fine. I would later go on to serve on the NICU Family Advisory Council at the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters where my babygirl fought for her life. And then on to serve at her school as the Parent Council Chairperson. I had not realized back then that I had already began on a path to helping mothers, not only cope with their grief, but enjoy moments of life without regret.


     My purpose is clear, bringing together my life experiences with my unique way of coaching. My grief was in numbers, I thought my pain would never end. The layers that I wore from the catastrophic events in my life were at one point unbearable until I learned a method that would transform me from grief to gratitude. Today, I share these techniques and more to assist mothers on their newfound journey. 


Inspires striving and victorious mothers to continuously believe that they are more than their circumstances, they are their possibilities.


Answers the call to coach and shift power back to mothers challenged by life's obstacles.


Educates mothers to help them awaken mentally to face obstacles of life.

Empowers mothers to believe in who they are and all that they can become.

Refuels the spirit of moms through inspirational retreats.